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Maria Carnemolla

Maria Carnemolla (Executive Director) obtained her BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and her MS in Management from The College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey. She has over 25 years of leadership experience working in higher education and nonprofit organizations. Her passion and enthusiasm for social justice began at a young age, engaging in activism to fight for the rights of workers and marginalized and disadvantaged groups.

Maria has served as the Co-Managing Director and Media Director at Democracy at Work where she helped produce the TV and radio show Economic Update with Richard Wolff, and expand the roster from 2 to 8 audio and video podcasts, books and live events that advocate for economic justice. She co-edited the second book published by Democracy at Work, Understanding Socialism. Maria has also held the position of Senior Director of Financial Aid at Berkeley College where she was responsible for the management and oversight of 6 campuses.

Maria has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Left Forum where she assisted in planning annual conferences that featured renowned academics and activists like Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Chris Hedges, Jill Stein and the work and initiatives of many marginalized groups. She is active in her neighborhood and kids’ schools and has been a member of the Home and School Associations boards, fundraising for and organizing events for school children.

Maria was born in New Jersey, but spent her adolescence in Sicily where she learned about the importance and power of community. She has dedicated her life and is deeply committed to working on transforming and challenging structures that perpetuate inequality, and promoting and creating more equitable, democratic communities that put people and their needs before profits. She currently lives in Woodland Park, NJ with her husband and two children and two dogs.