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In Nov. 2021 after ten years of our evolving mission and impact, we changed our name to Gathering Ground. You may still find reference to our old name Creative New Jersey in posts created prior to Nov. 2021.

A Message from Natasha – Support Gathering Ground

A Message From Natasha

Since participating in my first Call to Collaboration as a Host Team Member in 2019, I have been a staunch advocate for Gathering Ground’s work. During Newark’s Call to Collaboration, I experienced the indelible impact of honest and intentional cross-sector dialogue that amplifies marginalized voices, honors lived experience, and cultivates community-rooted solutions to the most challenging social issues. We welcomed over 300 community members from all levels of society—from high school students and clergy members to executives and corporate citizens—each working collaboratively to unleash the power of our shared humanity, the impact of which is felt to this very day. This is only one example of Gathering Ground’s impact.

Since 2012 Gathering Ground has activated more than 5,000 individuals, coached 466 community leaders to serve as host team members, and produced 18 Calls to Collaboration in cities and towns throughout New Jersey. We have provided New Jersey communities with safe spaces to grapple with haunting realities and identify viable community-led solutions. With a multitude of injustices threatening to unravel social progress, there is a heightened need for Gathering Ground’s work, and we need your support to make this possible.

At Gathering Ground, we are dedicated to fostering positive change across New Jersey. Our mission is to promote equity and support communities that have been marginalized and underrepresented. To achieve this, we work with local organizations, community leaders, nonprofit and philanthropic partners to provide resources, education, and advocacy.

We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and opportunities necessary to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.
We are grateful for the support of individuals like you who share our vision for a better New Jersey. Your contributions, whether financial or through spreading the word about our campaign, are crucial to our success. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many New Jerseyans.

Thank you for your commitment to the Gathering Ground mission and our shared belief in a better, more equitable New Jersey.

With gratitude,

Natasha S. Dyer, MPA, SHRM-CP
Board President, Gathering Ground


“During the process, a wonderful synergy has developed. The weekly Host Team meetings have united our Host Team, and forged new relationships between us all, as well as the businesses and community organizations that we represent. I applaud Gathering Ground for helping communities look at themselves through a process that embraces inclusivity, accountability and openness.”

– Rachael Faillace – Chair, Rahway Call to Collaboration Host Team | Former Executive Director, Rahway Arts District (Rahway)