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Calls to Collaboration

Call to Collaboration with energy circles

Our Flagship Program

The centerpiece of our engagement program is the community-wide Call to Collaboration (C2C) which welcomes between 150 and 400+ community members for a 2-day meeting. We utilize an internationally-renowned meeting format known as Open Space Technology – a powerful, self-organizing approach that engages diverse groups of people in open and authentic conversations on issues of greatest importance to them. This format is democratic and egalitarian, and puts people at the center of both agenda creation and leading conversations. 

There are five phases to our engagement program: 

1. Identifying and Assembling Community Connectors, Influencers, and Assets 

2. Developing Local Host Team Leadership and Designing the Call to Action Guiding Question 

3. Network Building: The Invitation Process 

4. Call to Collaboration: Community-wide Conversation and Action 

5. Post-Call to Collaboration: Connections, Knowledge-Sharing, and Continued Action 

“What an energizing and enlightening event! It was so wonderful to convene with recovery partners across the state to reflect on lessons learned. When we join forces and find a common voice, we are so much stronger and more effective. I look forward to being part of this movement to make meaningful changes which will positively impact the future of response and recovery in NJ.”

– Kelly Higgs – Former Executive Director of NJVOAD

18 Communities

Every Call to Collaboration produces a Community Chest of Ideas and Action

Examples of our local Call to Action Guiding Questions:

Camden Gathering Ground

Camden Call to Collaboration (2017):

As our city evolves, how can all of us who live and work in Camden collaborate to creatively leverage our assets, ensure accountability from all, fuel economic opportunities for residents, and strengthen our neighborhoods in order to create a safer, prosperous Camden for all?

Newark Gathering Ground

Newark Virtual Call to Collaboration (2020): In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic downturn, and the rising calls for social justice, how do we unite our diverse communities and stakeholders to build upon Newark’s rich history, strengthen our city’s identity, and support transformational progress?

Skylands Gathering Ground

Skylands Call to Collaboration (2015):

How can we be more innovative in strengthening the connectivity of our people and places to promote our unique assets, drive sustainable economic development, and invigorate the Skylands region?

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