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Elevating Equity

Elevating Equity sub-logo with art elements

Elevating Equity is an organizing approach to increasing the practice, relationships, and outcomes rooted in equity or “fairness” in New Jersey in three interconnected areas: charitable nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and communities engaged by the nonprofit/philanthropic sector. 

Beginning with the assumption that the well-documented lack of equity in New Jersey is systemic, the project offers a statewide series of sequential convenings designed to explore oppression and barriers to equity, and design interventions that would increase the power of the oppressed to achieve the outcomes desired for their lives. This exploration and learning will yield the opportunity to identify and commit to actions that advance justice and fairness in each person’s organization, community and/or in the nonprofit/philanthropic sector. The project is co-developed with Hillombo, LLC and a working group of racial and social justice leaders. 

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