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Atlantic City's Call to Collaboration took place in 2015, and the Guiding Question was: "How can we collaborate to build community esteem, foster an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, and attract more residents and investments in order to create a thriving Atlantic City?" More than 50 different breakout sessions were held, generated and led by community members.

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Calls to Collaboration

Supporting Small Business

LIVE.WORK.AC, a branding and small business development initiative in Atlantic City, was an immediate outcome from the Atlantic City Call to Collaboration where 40+ individuals

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Calls to Collaboration

Cultivating Community Journalism

A community journalism project in Atlantic City, led by Free Press and Media Mobilizing Project, gains partners and makes inroads into neighborhoods through Gathering Ground’s

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Calls to Collaboration

Neighborhood Revitalization

Community members, entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders connect during the Atlantic City Call to Collaboration to form the Ducktown Neighborhood Group. They subsequently secured funding for

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