In Nov. 2021 after ten years of our evolving mission and impact, we changed our name to Gathering Ground. You may still find reference to our old name Creative New Jersey in posts created prior to Nov. 2021.

Gathering Ground benefits from the active participation and wisdom of dozens of individuals who serve as members of our local community-based Host Teams.

Trenton Host Team

Trenton Marketplace of ideas

June Ballinger, Passage Theatre Company
Larry Capo, Young Audiences of NJ and Eastern PA
Dan Fatton, I Am Trenton Community Foundation
Darren Freedom Green, Trenton Council of Civic Associations
Sam Frisby, Trenton YMCA
Kristin Gonzalez, Thomas Edison State College
Susan Haig, NJ Arts News
Maureen Heffernan, Young Audiences of NJ and Eastern PA
Elissa Horan, CARE Trenton
Jacque Howard, Trenton365
Princess Jenkins, I Am Trenton Community Foundation
Ayo Johnson, Westminster Community Life Center
Peter Kasabach, NJ Future
Katherine Kish, Einstein’s Alley
Lynn Lemyre, Artworks Trenton
Christian Martin, Trenton Downtown Association
Diana Rogers, City of Trenton, Department of Economic Development


“I was really amazed by the cross-section of people in this whole building today. I really didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t anticipating facilitating a session. I absolutely loved the energy that came out of the room and I was pretty amazed at the breath of ideas. “The fact that we come back on day two to create an action plan and walk out of here with very specific tasks is an amazing thing. It’s a way to help Asbury Park to move forward with an actionable plan.”

– Jen Souder – Consultant, Greener by Design, Founder Asbury Park African American Heritage Project & Museum (Asbury Park)

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